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Buying wholesale connections from all major carriers enables 3Rs to offer the best value for money no matter where you are located. Despite de-regulation (LLU), not all Exchanges are serviced by all the providers and some still only by BT. It is important then for you to talk to us about your requirements since not all options are available everywhere.

ADSL Broadband

In most areas, we can provide budget and Business Grade broadband services on the 21CN network with speeds of up to 24Mbps download and 1.3Mbps upload (or up to 2.5Mbps upload on Annexe M). These services are suited to light use or where superfast fibre services are not yet available.

Standard services do not carry any kind of SLA so we would urge caution for critical business use. Enhanced Care levels are available at additional cost both for the line and the broadband service.

Actual ADSL Broadband speed at your premises will depend on your distance from the nearest Telephone Exchange and the quality of the copper line. We can perform line checks and advise you of the likely speed acheivable at your address before you commit. 


"Infinity" FttC Superfast Fibre Broadband

Infinity is BT Retail's brand name for Fibre to the Cabinet (FttC) broadband. We offer FttC provided by BT Wholesale as a Business Grade service i.e. not bundled with consumer services such as BT TV. This service is still being rolled out and will not reach all areas for some time yet. We can check to see if you are in an enabled area.

FttC achieves much higher speeds (up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload) by connecting the local green street cabinet to the nearest Telephone Exchange by fibre optic cable. This leaves a much shorter distance (usually) from the street cabinet to your premises to be connected by copper wire. VDSL modems rather than ADSL modems are then used to connect the service at the higher speed. On business installations, Openreach will install the VDSL modem for us as part of the service. You will then require a fast router or firewall without a modem to connect your network to the broadband service. We can supply this or you can provide your own equipment. We recommend NetGear or Draytek routers for most typical installations.

We will advise you of the likely speed achievable at your location before you commit.


Standard Broadband services are always "contended" (in other words shared). This means that your connection will be shared at the Exchange with up to 25 (or sometimes 50) other subscribers. At busy times, this might affect the speed or throughput of your service.

For a premium (typically about £10 per month), you can guarantee a minimum bandwidth at busy times. Elevated Best Endeavours (EBE) will provide prioritised traffic across the BT network at 16Mbps minimum. This is only useful if your normal sync speed is at least this much if not greater.

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